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Impossible Burger

As someone who grew up eating at McDonald’s, switched to cooking most of my own food from scratch, then went vegan for a few years, and now buy only pasture-raised meat from sustainable farms, I feel that I’m in a pretty good place to objectively judge a veggie burger.

I was at Woodland Park Zoo the other day, and to my surprise the cafe menu featured an Impossible Burger. I’d been curious to try one for a while, as they appear regularly on environmental blogs, for lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower water consumption, etc.

I was amazed by how meat-like it was. If you had handed me one and not told me, I doubt I would have even suspected it was a veggie burger.

In terms of taste, it’s more pork-like than beef-like, to me. I’ve had worse-tasting meat burgers, but also better-tasting ones. It’s on-par or better than most fast food restaurants.

I doubt I would make these a regular part of my diet – to start with I have concerns about the health impacts from regular soy consumption. But it’s a welcome alternative to eating CAFO meat if you are somewhere without better options. And with the news that Burger King is trialing the Impossible Burger, it might become a widely-available alternative in the near future.

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